Super light sports car for $ 3 million

Formula 1 creator McLaren has released a super light sports car that costs roughly $ 3 million. The designer of the presented car is Gordon Murray, who created the fastest racing car in the 90s. The new car weighs less than one thousand kilograms and has 663 horsepower.

Gordon Murray Automotive is the company that introduced the world's lightest sports car. Vehicle model T.50.

The main parameters of the super light car T.50

• The length of the car is 4630 millimeters - an average among similar models.
• Total weight 986 kilograms - the smallest weight in a sports car to date.
• The body of the vehicle is made of composite material, which allowed to significantly reduce weight, but not to lose strength
In addition to the parameters presented, new owners will appreciate the stunning interior, which allows you to feel comfortable at high speed. Detailed information regarding the complete set can be found on the official website of the manufacturer. It is worth noting that the exterior of the car has a lot in common with the McLaren F1.

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