What the Byton M-Byte looks like, the world's only car with a screen on the steering wheel

The Byton M-Byte is the world's only car with a steering wheel screen. And that's not the only impressive piece of equipment. The model made in China also comes with the largest display in the automotive industry at 48 inches.

The electric SUV built in China by the Byton M-Byte features a screen on the steering wheel, an innovation in the automotive industry. Its positioning is extremely controversial. Safety experts say this will distract the driver. Byton chose this screen not to be touchscreen, but to be operated via physical buttons located to the left and right of the steering wheel.

The largest screen in the automotive industry can be found aboard the M-Byte. The 48-inch display is located along the entire length of the board, and its brightness automatically adjusts depending on the degree of ambient light. The machine will be equipped with semi-autonomous rolling functions of level 3. The Chinese are also preparing level 5. Facial recognition, gesture control and Amazon Alexa will be on the list of additional functions. ...


With LED headlights and taillights, a unique silhouette, proportions similar to the Mercedes-Benz EQC and the future BMW iX3, the Byton M-Byte is seen as a model that will reconfigure the premium electric vehicle market.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/

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