BMW 5 Series facelift: more technology in all trim levels

BMW has unveiled the first information and photos of the 5 facelift series, which will be available from July. Between the new products is the electrification of the trim range and the impressive technology package.

The Bavarians hardly resisted the temptation to put a new oversized mesh on the front of the 5 Series, which will be the new image of BMW from the 4 Series. However, this does not mean that they left the old mesh unchanged. It's not that big and doesn't hang on the ground, but it's definitely bigger than what we see on a model on the verge of retirement.

Minor changes have also been made to the headlights, rear optics and spoilers. As a result, the 5 Series models are longer in millimeters (more precisely 27 mm in the case of Berlin and 21 mm in the case of a breakthrough), without this aspect affecting the offer of space inside. In addition, thanks to these differentiated lifts, both body versions now have the same length of 4963 mm.


The light signature has changed slightly to approximate the style of the Series 3, but nothing dramatic. As before, LED headlights are offered as standard, but there are new adaptive options, including Laserlight headlights, which can now be optionally ordered on all models in the range.

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