MERCEDES GLS 400 D: luxury for the whole family

Many, often very different models have passed through the market, allowing the transport of seven people. However, few of them offered comfortable travel conditions for everyone. A really big car is needed for such a task.

Today this is no longer done, but once the third row of seats could be found not only in SUVs and minivans, but also in ordinary station wagons (even compact ones!). In most cases, however, additional seats could only be considered emergency or intended for small children. The trunk, on the other hand, was enough for a maximum of several small backpacks.


So if you need a seven-person car every day, and not just occasionally, you are left with really big cars. For example, like the Mercedes GLS we tested, which is just great. The 5.2m length and over 3.1m wheelbase is on par with the extended flagship limousines, and the nearly 2m width makes most of the parking spaces ridiculously small. Add to that over 1.8m in height and a rounded cuboid piece of bodywork, and you have a car that is not only huge for European conditions, but in no way tries to hide it.

Such a large body promises a cavernous interior, and the GLS does not disappoint in this format. The amount of space in the second row of seats is enormous and most people can easily cross their legs.

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