VOLKSWAGEN MULTIVAN CRUISE: rare car gets a change 2-06-2020, 11:15 Author: admi

The recent redesign brought more modernity to this model's cabin in the first place, confirming that Volkswagen wants the Multivan to be an offer for those looking for something much more than a passenger van. Another thing is how many people will actually appreciate these changes.

The Volkswagen Transporter is perhaps the most recognizable model in its segment and is available in many body styles. It can also act as a small 9-seater bus or mobile home in the California version.


We tested another incarnation of the T6.1 model (one emphasizes that we are dealing with a version after the update, but more on that after a while) - Multivan. This designation has been emphasizing for many years that we are not talking about a passenger version, which is of a utilitarian nature, but about the fact that the task is to transport passengers in the most comfortable conditions. From here we find it full of borrowings from the brand's personal models.

Our copy was additionally distinguished by the fact that it is a premium (polyfied) version of the Cruise, which is distinguished mainly by very rich equipment. For example, it comes standard with full LED headlights, the appearance of which is one of the hallmarks of retrofitted vehicles.

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