Ford Kuga: seven years later

The previous, second generation of this Ford model appeared at the beginning of 2013 in Spain, during an international journalistic presentation organized on a large scale. More than 7 years have passed, times have changed, the coronavirus pandemic began, and a representative of the third generation came to us in a tow truck. He sparkled with novelty and glamorous red body. He also had German registration numbers - with the coat of arms of Stadt Köln, that is, the city that is the European seat of the famous American automobile concern. Last year 161,400 units were sold here.


The Number Three Kuga is the first Ford SUV to be installed on the C2 platform, along with the compact Focus. The new design made it possible to reduce the weight of the car while increasing the rigidity of its body, which is important for the car's handling and the safety of travelers. "Three" is slightly (6 mm) lower than "two", but 89 mm longer and 44 mm wider. The wheelbase has also increased by 20 mm - up to 2710 mm. Changes in the floor slab and body proportions have affected the overall presentability of the vehicle. It now has a longer engine cover, a tilted windshield, a lower roofline and a more streamlined silhouette. In the ST-Line version, that is, the one that he presented, the copy provided to us, a sporty format adds a different form of bumpers and side moldings, a rear diffuser, black roof rails.

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