Volvo's custom solution. All cars will be speed limited.

Volvo's decisive decision. All models of the Swedish manufacturer will have a top speed limited to 180 km / h. Volvo has already started implementing the new measure.

With an unrivaled reputation for safety, Volvo is turning to radical action to achieve an ambitious goal of zero deaths or serious injury in road accidents on board its vehicles. Thus, no Volvo will be able to operate at speeds exceeding 180 km / h.

Cars manufactured by Volvo will be equipped in the near future with the Smart Speed Control function, which will limit the speed of vehicles depending on the operating conditions. In addition, all Volvo models will automatically decelerate in areas where schools and hospitals are located. This is a compromise that the concern resorts to, while German premium rivals stop the speedometer needle at 250 km / h.


In the current Dacia Logan range, the top speed reached by the fastest TCe 90 version is 175 km / h.The entry-level SCE 73 version does not go 158 km / h, while the Logan diesel engine in the DCI 75 and DCI 95 versions reaches 166 km / h.

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