SKODA SUPERB with mysterious IV designation

For some time, a photo of the Skoda Superb appeared - with the letters iV on the trunk lid, informing that it is a plug-in hybrid, that is, with the possibility of recharging the battery from external sources. We already know that in this form the flagship limousine of the Czech brand fully retains its advantages. Moreover, we received for testing its richest version, Laurin & Klement, supplemented by additional equipment worth 5 thousand euros.

Thus, the partially electrified Superb remains an elegant, comfortable car with a very spacious interior, pleasant and meaningful decor, solidly assembled using high quality materials. We also made sure that the increase in its weight by 200 kilograms and the necessary for technical reasons decrease in the trunk capacity - from 625 to 485 liters and the fuel tank - from 66 to 50 liters, from the user's point of view, does not really matter.


Recall that under the hood of Superba iV is a duo, the famous Volkswagen Passat GTE: a turbocharged "petrol" 1.4 TSI 150 hp. from. and an electric motor 115 liters. from. As you know, in hybrid drives, the parameters of both units are not added directly, so the total system power of this system is not 265, but 218 hp. from. Torque - maximum 400 Nm - is transmitted to the front wheels.

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