MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE CROSS 1.5 2WD: cheaper and better

Mitsubishi is following the trend towards SUVs. All models of this brand, except for City Space Star, are unique, and the most popular of them, ASX, has been in production for over 10 years. The car deserves special attention. It combines the most unique characteristics of modern crossovers. Also, do not forget about the affordable cost, which is impressive.

Therefore, the Japanese manufacturer has high hopes for its much younger brother - the Eclipse Cross model. Our first tests showed this to be entirely correct - This compact SUV is an attractive proposition, much better than the ASX.


However, it does have several disadvantages, such as limited rear cab headroom or non-adaptability for taller drivers (short seat, small seat adjustment range and head-up screen). We also had some objections to the CVT transmission, which has been surprisingly successful. Security system and HUD screen are partially covered.

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